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Story Elements Layered Look Book Foldable

Detailed instructions and graphics for students to create a Story Elements Foldable®. Included in this download is a guide to print out and make that provides students with detailed instructions for each section of the Foldable® so that they can complete it independently. This Foldable® can be used with picture books or novels. It helps students understand story structure and story elements of fiction. Sections include main characters, setting, conflict, point of view, resolution, and author's message.

How am I Doing? Student Self Reflection Log

Self-reflection is the key to effective goal setting, community building and classroom management. Create a simple bound book Foldable® which students can use to revisit, reflect on and monitor growth towards a personal goal. This tool will help your students get better at setting realistic goals that are achievable. You can use this self-reflection log for individual cooperative group work goals, individual responsibility in the community goals, behavior goals,and/or self-regulation goals.