A Technology Alternative to Book Reports: Voki Book Hooks

In this lesson, students will create a Voki, a talking avatar, which tells listeners about exciting or interesting parts of a book without giving away the ending. Students will: analyze book jacket blurbs, write a script for a book hook that builds suspense and persuades others to read a book, create a book character at www.voki.com, and read with fluency and expression. This lesson includes teacher directions, student directions, examples of student created Vokis, and a rubric.

What Makes a Good Online Discussion Response? Lesson
Teach students how to discuss effectively in an online discussion forum!

Are your students discussing on wikis, blogs, social networks, or discussion boards at home? Guess what! These are wonderful, motivating tools for discussion in school, too! Don't assume that just because they are using these tools at home for social purposes they know how to use them for learning, collaboration, and discourse. This lesson teaches students how to write responses to questions and others in an online environment.

Book Trailer Lesson